Anyone can put on an event.. right? So why might you want work with JuiceBoxBoy Events to help you put together your event.

We’ve outlined 11 reasons to begin with:


  1. Less stress – Events are always exciting at the birth of the idea and the potential of achieving and exceeding the goal. If it isn’t – why are running it in the first place? Until the reality sets in that there literally is 1001 steps you will need to undertake, each which takes time, thought and energy into completing. As the timeline gets shorter and the stress increases often an experienced event management team is the best investment you can make!
  2. Expert process – Ready to start – where do you begin? JuiceBoxBoy Events will sit down with you to discuss your event ideas and objectives. With this information a comprehensive proposal is put together which outlines the expert process required to meet your goals, time line and budget.
  3. Knowledgeable and efficient – Save time, cost, stress and perhaps your sanity with peace of mind you will be working with and supported by a dedicated team that is knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of relevant skills to your event.
  4. Keep within your budget – Small or large, all events have a level of financial contribution required to successfully prepare, produce, market and execute. Often when managing your own event the temptation of ‘just a little bit extra’ occurs. JuiceBoxBoy Events offers a fixed price proposal for many events options so that you are confident there won’t be a hole left in your pocket afterwards. At times, optional extras and cost contingencies are prepared for, such as inclement weather, all which is clearly outlined should it be necessary.
  5. Permits and paperwork – We’re sure those words got you all excited to complete.. right? JuiceBoxBoy Events will take care of all necessary permits, paperwork and planning required to safely, legally and ethically create and conduct a successful event.
  6. Advertising via offline media – JuiceBoxBoy Events is highly experienced in design, production and deployment of print media, customized signage, billboard and poster campaigns, newspaper and magazine advertising. Active accounts and partnership with industry leading radio (Fox FM) and print partners allows us to get you the best competitive rates. We will assist you in identifying your target audience and putting your event in front of them so that they put them into their calendars.
  7. Online marketing experts – Whether it be a product launch or large scale festival, JuiceBoxBoy Events can get you online with your own website, supported by managed social media management (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and / or search engine campaigns (Google Adwords). It’s all in-house so the information from planning to promotion is efficient and accurate.
  8. Dynamic networks – For all those times when you can’t find something you are after and wish you knew someone who did. JuiceBoxBoy Events has a growing and dynamic network of industry partners allowing us to source items at highly competitive rates. We will find what is needed!
  9. Hire access and stagingJuiceBoxBoy Hire has a large inventory range ready for use at your event at the best rates direct from the supplier. Our staging team is able to work closely together with the planning team to ensure a seamless, effective deployment from start to end.
  10. Team management – It all comes together with a your dedicated Event Director updating your each step of the way as we progress thru each stage of the planning and the production process. Numerous team members are working behind the scenes to ensure your event maximizes it’s potential and we strive that you’ll be back for your next events.
  11. We LOVE running events! – If you’ve read through the first 10 reasons and still feel excited and confident about running your event you would fit perfectly into our team! Otherwise give us a call or email today with our contact details below to begin discussing your ideas.


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