3rd annual 3×3 basketball tournament @ Waverley.

Bring your friends, enter your team and join in the fun!

Date: Thursday 26th September 2019
Time: 9am start
Venue: Waverley Basketball stadium – Google maps
Age groups (mixed boys / girls): U12, U14s, U16s, U18s
Entries close: 9pm on 22nd September 2019

Limited spaces – don’t miss out! – Registration for this event is now closed.

3×3 entry: $80 per team Prize: Prizes for each age group + champions trophy!

3PT shoot out: $5 per participant Prize: $50 Rebel gift card + champions trophy!

General Entry Rules

  • Age eligibility based on 2018/19 VJBL cut off dates – U12s (born 2008 or younger), U14s (2006, 2007), U16s (2004, 2005) U18s (2002, 2003)
  • Each team has a maximum of 4 players.
  • Each team has a maximum of 12 player experience points (2017/18 VJBL season; VC – 5pts, VJL1, 2, 3 – 4pts, VJL4 or lower – 2pts, Domestic – 1pt)
  • A scorer / time keeper is required to be provided by each team.
  • Teams must be in matching uniforms (singlets or tshirts).
  • Games are 10 minutes in length.
  • All games will be run with a referee.
  • Each team is guaranteed minimum of 5 games.


How many games will we get?
Teams will get a minimum of 5 games on the day.

How do finals work?
The top 8 teams per age group, after 4 pool games, will play in a knock-out finals format.

What are the rules?
FIBA 3×3 rules will be followed. Full details on rules can be found at the bottom of this page.

What are the prizes?
Prizes will be awarded to each winning team per age group*. Trophies / medals will also be presented to finalists.

What is the 3PT shootout?
3PT shootout participants will have an opportunity to play an adapted game of knock out until we get a 3PT shootout champion. Entry is available on the day.

Do I have to have 4 players?
No, however a minimum of 3 players is required to start a game. Players cannot be added to teams on the day. It is recommended you have 4 players per team.

Can I enter a mixed / girls team?
Yes, we encourage mixed / girls teams to enter and where possible fixtures will reflect a more balanced nature of pool games as such.

Can you help us run a 3×3 competition at our venue?
Yes, we can! We love basketball and are passionate about promoting the sport in the local community. Please contact us with the details below if you would like to get a 3×3 competition started up in your area.

Additional enquiries?
If you have more questions please email us or give JuiceBoxBoy a call on 1300 883 831

3×3 Game Rules

  • FIBA 3×3 rules will be adhered to with the following exceptions below: download rules here
  • 4.2 Rock Paper Scissors shall determine which team gets the first possession.
  • 6.1 Games will be played with a running clock with the exception of the grand final where the clock will stop for all whistles in the last 30 seconds.
  • 9.1 At the referees discretion the team with the ball has 30 seconds to attempt a shot on each possession.
  • 11.1 Time outs cannot be used with less than 2 minutes of play remaining.
  • 12 Any protests should be presented to the Event Coordinator on the day.
  • 16 U12 will play by the same rules above.
  • FIBA 3×3 Terms & Conditions: download here
  • Please note the size of the prize pool is dependent on 16 teams per age group. If less than 16 teams the prize pool maybe reduced.